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Dear Parents and Carers,

All the staff at Lockridge Primary hope you are well during these uncertain times.

To assist with the continuation of your child’s education in Auslan, I will be providing a Learning at Home weekly planner, containing tasks to assist your child to consolidate their skills in Auslan. These tasks will involve your child learning signs for items around the home as well as the alphabet, numbers and greetings. I would encourage you to ask your child to show you what they have learnt each week.

The plan contains some new work and some revision activities which your child should be able to complete independently or with limited adult support. The activities will be covering the Auslan curriculum for your child’s year level. It would benefit your child to complete the activities over the given time frame to maintain continuity and to consolidate prior learning.

There are a number of ways you can contact me if you have any questions or to upload student’s work. My email address is and I have also set up an Auslan Facebook page that I would encourage you to join. The address for the Facebook group is When you request to join the page, you will be asked for the name of your child/children so I can ensure only parents or carers have access.

The planners for each year level will be on this page as well as hints and tips. I would also love to see the work that the students have completed. Please feel free to email me a photo or video of your child’s work. I will also be uploading the answers to any worksheets at the end of each week.

This is a time you can use to learn Auslan as a family, I’m sure your children would love to show you what they have learnt and I have included this as a task for each week. I hope you will use this time to enjoy learning some Auslan with your children and share in their achievements.


Jenny Frampton
Auslan Teacher

All produced and published resources on this page (and the corresponding hard copies) have been made available by the Department of Education Western Australia in response to COVID-19 for your educational purposes. Do not distribute these resources for any other purpose.