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Baroo 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

All the staff at Lockridge Primary hope you are coping well during these uncertain times. Who could have imagined our daily lives were going to be changed so much?

To assist with the continuation of your child’s education, we will be compiling weekly plans which outline daily Learning at Home activities, starting Term 2, Week 1. The activities will be a combination of work accessed via the Internet, such as Reading Eggs, and also printed materials that will be sent home.

The plans will contain revision and enrichment activities that your child should be able to complete independently or with limited adult support. The activities will be covering aspects of the curriculum; such as Literacy, Mathematics and Geography. It would benefit your child to complete the activities each day, to consolidate prior learning and maintain continuity of schooling. In addition, various life skill activities, such as helping with meal preparation or cleaning rooms, will be included.

I will be contacting families twice a week, via phone or email, to offer any ongoing support. I have created the following Baroo 1 Facebook group as another means of communication between myself, the students and families. I will ensure that only parents or immediate caregivers join this page. Please continue to share your preferred method of communication; email, phone or Facebook, and feel free to contact me via my work email whenever required.

I look forward to working with you and your child through these new challenges, and be ready for the return to school. I know some families may be feeling uncertain or stressed about their child’s schooling, but please be assured that the staff at Lockridge Primary will assist you through the coming weeks and beyond.

Take care,

Nita Neville
Year 3, Baroo 1

All produced and published resources on this page (and the corresponding hard copies) have been made available by the Department of Education Western Australia in response to COVID-19 for your educational purposes. Do not distribute these resources for any other purpose.

Week 1 T2 Planner Week 2 T2 Planner Anzac Day Reading Comprehension Australia Major Natural Features - 1 Australia - States and Territories Covic-19 Time Capsule Booklet Turtle - patterned Maths Ascending and Descending Maths Odd and Even Numbers Maths Minutes 1 - 10 Science Earth and Space Sciences lesson 6 Science Lesson 5 Science Lesson 6 Literacy A Visit to the Dentist Reading Response Activity Sheets Literacy A Visit to the Farm Response Sheets Literacy A Visit to the Optometrist Reading Response Activity Sheets Literacy Alphabet Handwriting Sheet Literacy I am Happy, Follow up Activity Sheet Literacy Lets take a walk in my town Response Activity Sheets Literacy No More Training Wheels Response Activity Sheets Literacy Reading Tasks Literacy Spelling Alphabetical Order Literacy Spelling Creative Story Literacy Spelling Ladder Literacy Spelling Pyramid Literacy Spelling Rainbow Literacy Spelling Word Search Literacy The Wedding, Reading, Response, Activity Sheets Literacy We Love To Jump, Student Activity Sheets Literacy Week 1 and 2 all group spelling lists Literacy Writing Numbers Tracing Week 3 Planner Week 4 Planner Design Your Own Smoothie Mud Maps Legends and Keys Rules Fair and Unfair Earth and space sciences label diagrams Science Assessment answers Science Assessment questions Science weeks 3&4 info Maths Addition Word Problems - single digits Maths Addition Word Problems Maths Coin Flip Chance Experiment Maths How Many Tens and Ones Maths Identifying Objects Maths Measure Length (school buses) Maths Naming Objects - 3D Maths Place Value Challenge Maths Use a Ruler Literacy Alphabet-Handwriting-Sheet Literacy Best Friends Literacy Dog Wash Literacy Grammar - Compound Words pg 12 Literacy Grammar - The Songman pg 13 Literacy Keep Australia Beautiful Literacy Little Brother's Haircut Literacy Making Inferences and Draw Conclusions Literacy Spelling - Criss Cross Literacy Spelling - Different Cases Literacy Spelling - Scramble Literacy Spelling - Scribble Literacy Spelling - Vowels and Consonants Literacy Spelling Creative Story Literacy Team Trials Literacy The Magic Carpet Literacy The Racoon and the Golden Nugget Literacy Unscramble These Months Literacy Week 3 & 4 - all spelling lists Literacy What's for Lunch