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Baroo 2

Dear Parents and Carers,

All the staff at Lockridge Primary School hope you are well during these uncertain times.

To assist with the continuation of your child’s education, we will be compiling weekly plans which outline daily Learning at Home activities, starting Term 2, Week 1.

The plans will contain revision and enrichment activities that your child should be able to complete independently or with limited adult support. The activities will be covering aspects of the curriculum; such as Literacy, Mathematics and Geography. It would benefit your child to complete the activities over the given time frame to maintain continuity and to consolidate prior learning.

I will be contacting everyone twice a week to see how their child’s learning is going and offer any ongoing support. I will be available to answer questions via Email and the class Facebook page, which will be checked regularly. I will ensure that only parents or immediate caregivers join this Facebook page.

I have sent emails to all student’s parents and carers, however, if you did not receive an email, you are able to contact me at Please feel free to email me your preferred method of contact phone, email, or Facebook.

I look forward to working with you over the coming weeks to help you and your children/child succeed and be ready for the return to school.

Stay safe and well and we will talk soon.

Julie Musarra
Year 3/4 Teacher, Baroo 2

All produced and published resources on this page (and the corresponding hard copies) have been made available by the Department of Education Western Australia in response to COVID-19 for your educational purposes. Do not distribute these resources for any other purpose.