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Kwela 5

Hi everyone! Welcome to Kwela 5’s learning at home program.

These weekly programs have been created to consolidate and extend learning that has already occurred in our classrooms. As such, we have a strong focus on beginning sound knowledge, counting and numbers to 20. We have also included many activities that allow for learning through play in your indoor and outdoor environment. All necessary resources will be created for you and be available to pick up from school. Please do not worry if you cannot complete all of the activities with your child.

We will check in on you regularly throughout your learning at home journey, through phone calls home and via email, as well as our Pre Primary Facebook page (details below) and updates on the school website. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions during these check-ins. If you forget or have questions along the way, the best way to ask these is via email, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Our email addresses are:
Leah Shaw (Kwela 5):
Rebecca Beech (Kwela 5):

We would love for you to join our new PP Facebook page. To do this, either search for “PrePrimary Lockridge” on Facebook or go to, and request to be our friend. When you do make a request, please also send a message with your child’s name so we can ensure it is only parents of Kwela 4 and 5 children who are joining our page. This is to protect the privacy of our learning community.

Thank you all for your cooperation and assistance in this new experience. It is a new challenge for us all and we are very appreciative of the positive attitude you are bringing to this new way of learning. As we have expressed, please simply do your best with the learning program we have provided. It is to be used as a guide to build on the learning that occurred in Term 1. We want to stress that in these uncertain times, please keep activities light, fun and just try to enjoy this extra time with your children.

Good luck and we are here if you have any questions or need any extra assistance!

Rebecca Beech & Leah Shaw 

All produced and published resources on this page (and the corresponding hard copies) have been made available by the Department of Education Western Australia in response to COVID-19 for your educational purposes. Do not distribute these resources for any other purpose.