Strong Foundation, Future Success Connect. Create. Collaborate.

School Information

Vision Mission


At Lockridge Primary School we are committed to providing a Strong Foundation, for Future Success. Strong Foundation, Future Success

We aim to connect create collaborate – with our students, staff, parents & wider community.


To ensure that all students have access to high quality learning opportunities through the provision of:

Highly effective teachers, focussed on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practice, coaching, mentoring and collaboration.

  • Differentiated, in depth and cohesive learning program aligned to the content and achievement outlined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority
  • Teachers plan and work in teams to enhance curriculum consistency and continuity, and the social- emotional needs of students
  • A learning environment that is orderly, safe, inviting and stimulating
  • A school leadership that is supportive, encouraging and innovative
  • Having excellent resources for students and staff in order to provide effective learning experiences in an ever evolving age
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with our parent community and other partnerships with the wider community to further support student learning opportunities