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Kindy is still here for you and your children while you’re staying at home.

The Kindy children and families will have ongoing contact with us via the private Kindy Facebook groups and phone calls. We encourage you to read our posts, watch our videos and share your comments, photos and videos of your child’s learning from home.

Please join the Kindy Facebook group for your child if you haven’t already.
• Kindy A :
• Kindy B :

Kindy programs are generally play based, student centred and not easily translated to online learning. As a result, we will be providing each child with a Kindy@Home pack filled with everything they will need to wonder, explore, create, play and learn at home.

Once Term 2 begins, we will upload copies of our weekly planners and any printable sheets to this site in case you need a new copy of any learning at home documents.

Until our Kindy@Home packs are released, you can visit our facebook group for links and ideas, or use the following to add to your child’s learning at home:

WATCH : Playschool, Sesame Street and other ABC2 educational programs with your child and talk about what happens and the learning concepts in each episode.

DO : Read with your child, have your child read stories to their toys (they can make up the story from the pictures.
Involve them around the house helping with chores, drawing / pretend writing the shopping list, cooking meals, etc.
Snuggle up and watch a great movie together then talk about, draw and/or act out your favourite parts.

PLAY : The Bugs & Buttons, Bugs & Bubbles apps are high quality, fun programs for your child to explore early learning concepts. (Please Google for the app link for your device)

If you have any questions about your child’s learning program or any other concerns, please contact Mrs Moorman or Mrs Rebecca Beech via email: or

Please remember that the priority for you and your child at this time is to feel safe, secure and happy. Enjoy extra time together exploring and learning, sharing stories and playing games.

Justine Moorman (Kindy A&B Teacher) & Rebecca Beech (Kindy A Teacher)

All produced and published resources on this page (and the corresponding hard copies) have been made available by the Department of Education Western Australia in response to COVID-19 for your educational purposes. Do not distribute these resources for any other purpose.