Respect, Safe, High Standards

Our Staff, Supporters & Stakeholders

Our Staff

Our Leadership – At Lockridge PS, we embrace a Leadership Model that drives improvement through the known strengths and passions of our staff.  Whilst at the executive level there is a Principal, a Deputy Principal and a Manager of Corporate Services (MCS), LPS invests in leadership density and our Leadership Team comprises:

  • Mike Mount-Bryson – Principal
  • Krista Scott – Deputy Principal
  • Meg Lane – MCS
  • Alice Lawson – AIEO
  • Leah Show – Student Services Co-ordinator
  • Maddy Smyth – ECE Phase Team Leader
  • Nita Neville – MUP/Spec Phase Team Leader

Developing leadership capacity in our student cohort is equally important and our Student Leadership Program encompasses a Head Boy & Head Girl, Values Captains, Arts Captains and Faction Captains.  The staff supporting the development of our young leaders are:

  • Tania McGhee (Student Leadership Program Co-ordinator)

Our Teachers –

Our Education Assistants –

Our Chaplain –

Our AIEO –

Our School Psychologist –

Our Cleaners and Gardener –

Our Front Office – We believe our front office staff are integral to the success of our school.  Often the face and voice first seen and heard by parents, carers, community members and stakeholders, our School Officer Katie Evangelista offers a warm, responsive personality to those entering our school and goes above and beyond to support our school community.