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Our P&C Committee

Every school benefits from an active and passionate P&C Committee who work together with school staff to build a positive school and community culture.

Our P&C operate the Uniform Shop and our Canteen 2 days per week (currently closed due to the impacts of COVID). They work hard to raise extra funds to support the students and provide input into school projects and initiatives through P&C Meetings.

Our P&C play a positive role in our school, providing opportunities and services including:

  • Running the BBQ at Faction & Interschool Carnivals;
  • Running stalls at State and Federal Elections;
  • Providing Mother’s & Father’s Day Stalls;
  • Hosting disco’s and student social events; and
Our P&C contribute funds to a range of projects, which are developed in consultation with the school each year. However, they make annual contributions to our school community in the form of:
  • $1000 to the Year 6 School Camp;
  • $1500 to Interm Swimming;
  • $500 to end of Year Scholarships.

Major projects supported by the P&C in recent years include:

  • Improved Values signage around the school;
  • Improvements to audio equipment;
  • Increased student play equipment;

We invite all parents and citizens in our community to join the P&C as a way of adding value to our school and, most importantly, the education of our children.

The P&C meet in Week 3 and Week 8 of each school term on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.

The Lockridge Primary School P&C is governed by a Constitution which define the roles and responsibilities of this body.