Respect, Safe, High Standards

School Information

Our Belief and Values

Our staff and school community, through our School Council, reflected on the strengths and needs of our students, what we stood for individually and as a whole, and how we wished to be viewed within and beyond our community.

Together, we redefined our purpose and vision to acknowledge our place in the community and establish our expectations for those working in and supporting our school.

Our Belief – Lockridge Primary School is an inclusive, connected school community where everyone belongs and succeeds. We provide a high quality, challenging learning environment, empowering students to achieve their best and become positive members of society.

Our Values – Our school community has invested heavily in defining and driving the values that best support our students and their development.  Together, we reflected on our responsibilities and what we wished for our students to exhibit each and every day, so that we could target our language and efforts to build a values-driven school. This collaboration led to the development of 4 core beliefs, 3 of which became our Lockridge Primary School Values.

Staff believe a ‘Positive Approach’ is essential within our community, to ensure students were aware that we are here to support them, to challenge them and to help them be their best.

Our belief in maintaining a ‘Positive Approach’ has become the foundation on which we built our 3 values:

  • We show Respect;
  • We are Safe;
  • We have High Standards.

These values are part of the fabric of our school and are seen and heard within all our verbal and written language.  They are entrenched in our students awards, our celebrations and acknowledgements, our behaviour and engagement discussions and in many cases, are used in our homes to highlight the importance of consistency and structure and a team approach in supporting the development of our students.