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Our School Council

The Lockridge Primary School Council is the peak advisory and decision making group within the school. The Council is comprised of staff, parents/carers and community members, with parents/carers in the majority. Its primary goal is to monitor school performance and provide guidance on our strategic direction to the Principal to drive improvement.

At Lockridge PS, the Principal is responsible for the educational leadership, operation and management of the school. Yet, to maximise opportunities and outcomes, the Principal seeks advice and recommendations from the School Council on a range of strategic matters.  To enable the School Council to function effectively, the Principal reports regularly on progress against the Lockridge Primary School Business Plan and engages the School Council in understanding, informing or making decisions to positively impact school direction.

Functions of the Council

The Lockridge Primary School Council will act to promote the objectives and interests of the school community, its role being to provide strategic guidance and monitoring.

The School Council will participate fully in:

  • Developing the Lockridge Primary School Business Plan (School Plan);
  • Endorsing and reviewing the school budget, targets and milestones associated with the School Plan;
  • Monitoring the school’s performance;
  • Developing processes to review the satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students, with results reported in the annual school report;
  • Endorsing the annual school report; and
  • Assisting in the selection of the Principal when a vacancy arises.

The Lockridge Primary School Council is comprised of parents and staff, all of whom nominate for a position and are elected accordingly.

Parent Representatives:    

Carli Riordan (Parent/Carer & Chairperson)

Rebecca Mason (Parent/Carer & Minute Secretary)

Gaye Bromfield (Parent/Carer)

Shelley Dawson (Parent/Carer)

Allison Marsters (Parent/Carer)

Sue Butler (Parent/Carer)

Ken Smith (Community)

Staff Representatives:

Mike Mount-Bryson (Principal)
Krista Athanassiou (Deputy Principal)
Maddy Smyth (Teacher)

School Board operations and members are bound by the Lockridge Primary School Council Terms of Reference.