Respect, Safe, High Standards

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

Lockridge Primary School is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) School.

The goal of PBS at LPS is to provide a framework of evidence-based practices to promote the social-emotional competence of all children, address the social-emotional and behavioural needs of children who are at-risk, and develop supports for children with persistent social, emotional or behavioural concerns. At LPS we support and encourage our students to take greater responsibility for their actions and behavioural choices through the implementation of WA PBS – a proactive behaviour management framework that defines, teaches and guides appropriate student behaviour.

PBS has helped us develop a core set of values that support the vision of our school.

 “We show RESPECT”

“We are SAFE”


Our values are embraced by students, staff and families alike and lay the foundation for expected behaviour within the school. Our values are the basis on which we drive our ‘Positive Approach’, to ensure students can become their best selves.