Respect, Safe, High Standards

Wellbeing & Engagement Curriculum – Be You & YCDI

Wellbeing & Engagement Curriculum – Be You & YCDI

Student Behaviour & Engagement at Lockridge PS is based on 3 interconnected approaches:

  • WA Positive Behaviour Support
  • Levels of Behaviour
  • Be You + You Can Do It

These 3 approaches work in unisons to support students to make positive behavioural choices, based on strengthening their decision-making, understanding of effect and willingness to consider others. Our student wellbeing and engagement curriculum is built upon having a POSITIVE APPROACH and aspiring to demonstrate the values of showing RESPECT, being SAFE and having HIGH STANDARDS. Our four gryphon mascots, LockyRubyDash and Ngala support and encourage awareness of our school values.

As a BeYou school, Lockridge PS is committed to establishing a school community in which everybody feels valued, respected and safe. We endeavour to create a positive school culture which nurtures the social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our students. This is achieved through staff and student commitment to a whole school wellbeing and engagement curriculum where students are encouraged to reflect upon and take responsibility for their behaviour, and strengthen their social and emotional skills through participation in the You Can Do It (YCDI) program.

Our Behaviour Expectation Matrix articulates what our school values look like in everyday school life and incorporates an agreed set of school wide expectations of behaviour. Visual reminders of our school values and the 5 YCDI skills can be seen within all classrooms and throughout the school grounds.

Students engage in daily teaching and learning of expected behaviours and participate in weekly (YCDI) lessons. Each fortnight students share in a values assembly where a common understanding of our school wide values is further explored and embraced.

Each term students strive to earn values tokens which contribute to individual, class and whole school rewards, and have the opportunity to earn Values Awards and Values Wristbands for displaying continuous positive behaviour. When students receive all three values awards, they earn a Locky Legend Award and hat pin. Students are also acknowledged for demonstrating the five YCDI skills through earning class rewards.

There is a dedicated Student Wellbeing and Engagement Team appointed in the school which consists of staff and students. However, the entire staff at Lockridge Primary School are committed and involved in the process and delivery of our student wellbeing and engagement curriculum.