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Our Community

We are part of our community and our community is part of us. Along with our School Council and our P&C Committee, we are fortunate to be supported by number of individuals and groups, all committed to building and sustaining a strong school community culture. These individuals and groups include:

Karrak’ Aboriginal Family Gathering – In 2020, Lockridge Primary School worked with families to form an Aboriginal family body, as a way to provide our Aboriginal community the chance to regularly gather to discuss ideas as to how we can best support our students and families to be “Lockridge Strong”.  These ‘gatherings’ saw parents, carers, family members and key staff come together to share stories, problem solve and discuss projects that would embolden our Aboriginal students and families, further increasing their connection to Lockridge PS.

In 2021, a feather of a female Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo was found on the ground at the site of our gathering (Success Hill). The discovery of this feather was said by one of our members to be significant, and a sign from her ancestors that they were “welcoming us”. She went on to share that she felt they were happy with this gathering being on country, especially discussing such important business.

Research into the Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (known in Nyoongar as the ’Karrak’) found it local to our area, a vital part of the ecosystem and a positive reflection of our school community, due to its ability to survive and live positively with other species. From this one chance opportunity, the Karrak name and story has become a source of pride for this gathering.

The Karrak Family Gathering played an integral role in the development of our 50th Golden Jubilee logo, by adding a hand-drawn cultural element to celebrate working together in Lockridge community. They will also play a key role in the design of our anniversary shirt, as well as NAIDOC celebrations and cultural learnings over the coming years.

Child Australia – Child Australia Lockridge Campus and Lockridge Primary School share a close bond in supporting the children of our community. We work together to ensure our students are able to access programs including: Before and Afterschool Daycare, KindiLink and Transition to Kindy.

Lockridge Mentoring Initiative – In 2021, LPS and the Lockridge Anglican Church developed a Mentoring Program with the support of Ed Connect.