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COVID Information

COVID Information

This page is your primary source of support and information in regards to your child’s education, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the place to come for both:

  • COVID Updates
  • Learning at Home support

COVID Updates

These will be provided to keep families up to date with changes to School Operations. They will often reference requirements of parents/carers, staff and students, in order to maintain a COVID safe learning environment.

Learning at Home

During this unprecedented time, students run the risk of feeling overwhelmed and confused about their changing world. Due to this, we wish to limit the stress on parents or carers, so, in the event of Learning at Home being required, materials we provide will be aimed at consolidation of knowledge, as well as life skills, rather than brand new concepts or lessons that require detailed preparation or explanation.

Each Kwela, Baroo and Moodja classroom and Specialist class will have their own tab, enabling parents to access specific weekly planners and curriculum set by teachers. All material offered is designed to give parents both specific activities as well as general options for learning at home, however, these supports do not in any way replace a full classroom learning program.

The learning support will be rich with planning for parents/carers, specific to the learning programs of each class/teacher, as derived from the WA Curriculum and associated resources.