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This page is your primary source of support and information in regards to your child’s education, during the COVID-19 situation.  This is the place to come for both Home/Distance Learning support, as well as information on the current status of schooling at LPS and throughout WA.

During this unprecedented time, students run the risk of feeling overwhelmed and confused about their changing world. Due to this, we wish to limit the stress on parents or carers, so, the materials we are providing are aimed at revision and consolidation of knowledge, as well as life skills, rather than new concepts or lessons that require detailed preparation or explanation.

Each Kwela, Baroo and Moodja classroom and Specialist class have their own tab, enabling parents to access specific weekly planners and curriculum set by teachers. All material offered is designed to give parents both specific activities as well as general options for learning at home, however, these supports do not in any way replace a full classroom learning program.

The learning support (which will be added over the coming days and fully accessible by the start of Term 2) will be rich with planning for parents/carers, specific to the learning programs of each class/teacher, as derived from the WA Curriculum and associated resources. Items on each classroom link will include:

  • A Weekly Planner with a focus on specific curriculum for students. This will include:
      • • Specific documents or worksheets;
      • Web links to support resources

      • Web links to a range of:
          • • Curriculum resources; and
          • • Mental Health and Wellbeing resources;

        In addition to the materials provided, we suggest daily practice and engagement in the array of online resources that we will offer. Practicing skills using these tools will keep young minds active and support their enjoyment of learning.

        In order to support your child/ren as best you can, please consider the following:

            • Establish a daily routine to build positive daily habits.
              • Get out of bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, put a school shirt on and be ready for learning at a set time in a set place within your home, preferably with minimal distractions. This will assist students to get back into routine when school resumes for them.
              • Perhaps start by creating a routine together with your child so they feel they have some control in what is happening.
            • Focus on having a positive attitude to assist the wellbeing and learning capacity of your children. Start the day with some activity, fun or fitness and get their brain ready for learning.
            • Take breaks to freshen their minds throughout the day. Brain breaks (5 minutes or so) should be taken approximately every 40 minutes. It is not a LPS expectation that your child will complete a full day of learning activities.

        Depending on the confirmed schooling format in Term 2, packages will be uploaded 2 weeks at a time, as per the following:
        • Week 1 & 2 – uploaded prior to Week 1 commencing
        • Week 3 & 4 – uploaded in Week 2
        • Week 5 & 6 – uploaded in Week 4
        • Week 7 & 8 – uploaded in Week 6
        • Week 9 & 10 – uploaded in Week 8

        Further resources are available at the following Department of Education Website;